Career Pathways Initiative

Welcome to Workforce Investment Boards Solutions

This site is designed to assist State and Local Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs) achieve and maintain compliance with the Workforce Investment Act, reach out to community partners to leverage resources, and take on long-term innovations to improve your communities. The resources are organized around these three functions:

  • Grant Steward – Compliance Resources
  • System Builder – Partnerships and Leveraging Resources
  • Regional Backbone – Resources for Boards Taking the Lead on Major Systemic Changes

It is not a compendium of every resource known to support the governance work of WIBs. Rather, it is a selection of materials comprising: sample founding documents, contracts, and partnership agreements; strategy and effective practice reports, guides, and resources that reflect the innovations high performing Boards are advancing. Most of these resources are current – 2008 to present (with a few exceptions) – and many were referred to us by Boards themselves.

Check out the resources and let us know if there are additional recent tools you would like us to share.