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All Workforce Boards are required to operate in compliance with the Workforce Investment Act of 1998. The resources in this section are intended for Boards looking for real-world examples of policy implementation, with specific attention to effective structure, grants management, and program outcomes. Information addressed in this section includes:

  • Establishing and maintaining founding documents – such as Memoranda of Understanding, Joint Powers Agreements, Charters or other legally binding documents that outline basic operational structure and governance procedures.
  • Contracting for One-Stop, youth, or other workforce or government programs or services.
  • Budgeting, including setting up proper fiscal controls and auditing procedures for the WIB and its contractors.
  • Assessing, reporting and seeking to improve program outcomes.
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Adult Dislocated Worker Services RFP (Three-Rivers Workforce Investment Area, Pennsylvania)
This is a sample RFP for WIA Adult and Dislocated Worker service providers. The RFP providers bidders with general background information on the service history for the area, on the solicitation process and terms including evaluation criteria, and response instructions. The RFP also offers a response package including a checklist, baseline requirements, a section on the bidder's organizational partnerships and collaboration, and performance and transition plans. The RFP is directed towards providers that will lead the area's service consortium including other providers and work closely with the WIB to strengthen community links in the workforce system. [November 2011]
Adult Workforce Development Programs RFP (Phoenix, Arizona)
This document is a sample combined WIA Adult and Youth services Request for Proposals (RFP) from the City of Phoenix Community and Economic Development Department and the local WIB. The RFP is directed towards local community organizations that would serve as One-Stop Satellite Centers. The document includes an introduction to the RFP process (funding availability and fiscal requirement, procurement timeline, and bidders conference information), the programs' scope of work, the planned evaluation process, and a sample contract operating budget, workplan, and RFP response checklist. [Sample document, October 2011]
Consortium Agreement (greater Portland, Oregon)
The Workforce Investment Board (WIB) serving greater Portland, Oregon is enabled by this consortium agreement between Multnomah and Washington Counties and the City of Portland (amended 2006). As described in the document, the WIB is the governing board of Worksystem, Inc., the 501(c)(3) non-profit charged with carrying out the statutory responsibilities of the WIB and advancing the broader workforce, education, and economic development agenda of the chief elected officials who are party to the agreement and the communities Worksystems Inc. serves. This document may provide WIBs seeking alternative governance arrangements or exploring the implications of establishing themselves as nonprofit organizations with ideas and guidance. [Document, 2006]
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Criteria for the Appointment of Local Workforce Investment Board Members (Connecticut)
This document lists and describes the requirements and selection criteria for local Workforce Investment Board (WIB) members in Connecticut. It addresses criteria articulated in statute (the Workforce Investment Act), but also includes specific state requirements such as the inclusion of representatives from Indian and Native American programs and the local agencies managing Housing and Urban Development resources. This document may be instructive to state and local WIBs seeking to insure appropriate community representation. [Policy document, undated]
Decision making authority checklist (Northern California)
This checklist lists the statutory functions of the Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs) and the Local Elected Officials (LEOs) mandated by the Workforce Investment Act of 1998. It also indicates which WIB functions require approval of the LEO and which LEO functions require approval of the WIB. The checklist was created by Willard V. Jones, Esq. for the Northern Rural Training and Employment Consortium (NoRTEC) and is applicable to all local Workforce Investment Areas. [Link, 2013]
Description of Board Member Duties (Kansas)
This document briefly describes the purpose of the local Workforce Investment Board (WIB) as well as qualifications, expectations and time commitments required of Board members. In addition, it briefly describes the committees of the local Board. This document could be adapted for use by other local WIBs. [Document, Undated]
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Local Elected Official (LEO) and Workforce Investment Board (WIB) Agreement (Southeast Oklahoma)
The purpose of this agreement is to articulate the vision for a thriving local workforce development system that is shared by the Local Area Officials (LEOs), representing seven Oklahoma counties and seven additional cities, and the local Workforce Investment Board and to outline the roles of each party in the planning, establishment and oversight intended to lead to the realization of that vision. It was developed by the Southeast Oklahoma Workforce Investment Board (and updated annually) and could be adapted for use by other local WIBs. [LEO/LWIB Agreement, 2012]
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Local Elected Official and Grant Recipient/Fiscal Agent Agreement (Southeast Oklahoma)
The purpose of this agreement is for Local Elected Officials (LEOs) to articulate expectations of the designated Grant Recipient/Fiscal Agent of the local workforce systems and for the designated Grant Recipient/Fiscal Agent to acknowledge and accept these expectations. It was developed by the local elected officials (LEOs) of Southeast Oklahoma -- comprising representatives from seven counties and seven cities -- and could be adapted for use by other LEOs. [LEO Agreement, 2012]
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Master MOU/Resource Sharing Agreement (Western Virginia Workforce Investment Board)
This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) articulates a shared vision for a dynamic local workforce development system, defines the roles and relationships of partners, and establishes guidelines to create and maintain cooperative working relationships, facilitate joint planning and evaluation of services, and manage limited financial and human resources. It was developed by the Western Virginia Workforce Development Board and its partners and can be adapted for use by other local WIBs. [2009]
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Memorandum of Understanding between Northern Rural Training and Employment Consortium (NoRTEC) and NoRTEC One-Stop Center Partners (Northern California)
This memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the Northern Rural Training and Employment Consortium (NoRTEC) -- the Workforce Investment Board (WIB) -- and One-stop center partners describes the unique NoRTEC structure (see also NoRTEC Joint Powers Agreement) and describes the roles and responsibilities of the One-Stop partners to each other and to NoRTEC, their shared goals, and the programs, services, resources, expected to be available through the One-Stop system. The master agreement also lays out provisions for county-level MOUs with each of the 11 counties that is a member of the partnership. [Document, 2013]
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Middle Tennessee Workforce Investment Board By-Laws(including Conflict-of-Interest Policies)
This policy document serves as the by-laws governing the activities of the Middle Tennessee Workforce Investment Board (WIB). It identifies the jurisdictions covered by the by-laws and outlines the specific authority and responsibilities of the Board and its members and officers, and includes a conflict of interest policy -- all basic elements of governance that WIBs need in their founding documents, even as they may take different forms. [Policy document, 2008]
Northern Rural Training and Employment Consortium Joint Powers Agreement (Northern California)
The Northern Rural Training and Employment Consortium (NoRTEC) Joint Powers Agreement establishes the primary workforce governance structure for Northern California. NoRTEC's structure is a unique one rooted in a multi-county special district created by this joint powers agreement which has the responsibility for appointing the Workforce Investment Board (WIB) and carrying out its responsibilities. Note that the agreement also provides for NoRTEC to manage funds other than Workforce Investment Act (WIA) program funds in service of its mission. This document may provide WIBs looking at alternative governance arrangement with ideas or models. [Document, 2013]
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Sample Plans, Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) (Spokane Area Workforce Investment Board)
The website includes the Spokane Area Workforce Investment Board's One-Stop Operator Agreement, an MOU between the local WIB and its One-Stop operators and partners, and system-wide and local One-Stop strategic plans. The Local Integrated Workforce Plan from 2013-2017, communicates its strong partnership with the local community college system is also provided. Key themes emphasized in these materials include: skill gaps, STEM and career pathways initiatives, sharing labor market intelligence, and improving youth services. The plans detail performance accountability and shared governance and outline specific benchmarks for achieving partnership goals, such as communication tactics, shared regional training and development, and economic development. WIBs interested in these themes or seeking to understanding how they can be integrated into plans rather than maintained as separate initiatives may benefit from reviewing Spokane's approach. [Sample documents, 2009-2017]
Sample Policy: Commonwealth of Virginia Workforce Council Local Workforce Investment Board Focus, Staffing and Service Requirement
Shared-Liability Agreement – Impasse Situations (Indiana Department of Workforce Investment)
This sample policy provides guidance to local workforce investment areas regarding the processes and procedures for executing agreements to designate a chief elected official (CEO).
State of Montana Workforce Investment Act Policy Manual
This comprehensive policy document describes Montana's statewide approach to Workforce Investment Act (WIA) policy and programs. Since Montana maintains a single-state planning structure, this manual offers a comprehensive description of workforce policy in the state including governance issues such as Board structure and member responsibilities, conflict of interest policies, administrative standards, monitoring, and incentive policies. [Policy document, 2012]
Workforce Investment Board (WIB) -Operator Agreement (North Central Indiana)
This agreement outlines the respective roles and responsibilities of the Workforce Investment Board (WIB) and the designated One-stop operator and defines the way in which the operator’s performance will be evaluated by the WIB. In addition, this agreement describes a specific expectation for the flow-of-service provided to customers through the local One-stop centers. It was developed by the North Central Indiana WIB and could be adapted for use by other local WIBs. [WIB/ Operator Agreement, 2006]
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