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Grant Steward

All Workforce Boards are required to operate in compliance with the Workforce Investment Act of 1998. The resources in this section are intended for Boards looking for real-world examples of policy implementation, with specific attention to effective structure, grants management, and program outcomes. Information addressed in this section includes:

  • Establishing and maintaining founding documents – such as Memoranda of Understanding, Joint Powers Agreements, Charters or other legally binding documents that outline basic operational structure and governance procedures.
  • Contracting for One-Stop, youth, or other workforce or government programs or services.
  • Budgeting, including setting up proper fiscal controls and auditing procedures for the WIB and its contractors.
  • Assessing, reporting and seeking to improve program outcomes.
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ETA’s Core Monitoring Guide
This guide provides a consistent framework for all on-site monitoring by ETA around the core functions of an ETA grant recipient, as established by law and rules and regulations, to assess the readiness and capacity of a potential grantee. The core functions include: design and governance; program and grant management systems; financial management systems; service/product delivery; and performance accountability. A number of states have customized versions of the Guide to reflect their own priorities. State and local WIBs may benefit from reviewing the criteria in each of the monitoring categories for relevant continue improvement ideas or performance targets. [2005] [Guide]
Ten Steps to Developing an Effective State Monitoring System
Want to improve your state program monitoring strategies and practices? This manual describes the ten steps a state can take to develop effective program monitoring systems. It includes key questions that states need to address in developing their state monitoring system and a self-assessment tool to help states identify where they are in the process. The manual also includes descriptions of effective state monitoring practices. [Guide, 2013]
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What to Expect When You’re Expecting the Feds
This slide deck supported a presentation prepared by the Boston Regional Office for NYATEP's Spring 2012 Conference. The presentation is designed to give Federal grantees and sub-recipients a brief overview, as well as some key concepts, definitions, references and insights into the Federal perspective of oversight and monitoring requirements with ETA grants. [Slidedeck, 2012]