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Effective planning and decision-making processes, and the right operational infrastructure, can help Boards build their capacity to shift into new roles. The tools and resources included in this section are intended for this purpose. They can help WIBs set a course for their own evolution, manage through uncertainty, and step up to new challenges.

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The goal of this training curriculum is to provide a solid foundation to board chairs, members, and staff on the various roles within the workforce development system and to help board members increase their strategic approach to workforce system design within their communities. The curriculum includes a PPT with full talking points, activity guides, and participant handouts. Developed by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training (ETA) and Social Policy Research Associates (SPR). [Trainer Guide and Slide Deck, 2013]
Facilitator Guide.doc
Facilitator Guide contains the PowerPoint screen shots and talking points from the PowerPoint notes section for the five training modules. The Facilitator Guide also contains the following sub-components:
  • An Annotated Agenda to guide facilitators through the workshop slides and activities, indicating specific tools, materials and approximate time lengths to be utilized in each module.
  • Facilitator Activity Guides that describe the seven activities that appear throughout the modules with instructions and prompts for facilitators, as well as a list of the tools and handouts needed for each activity.
  • Handouts to be distributed to workshop participants to accompany the different activities.
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WIB Leadership Training All Modules.pptx
WIB Leadership Training All Modules slideshow with talking points included in the notes.
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