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System Builder Resources

One of the key principles of WIA is a commitment to streamlining services through alignment. This section focuses on strategic partnerships and collaborative service design in service of system-level improvements – better aligned programs and services and complementary investment strategies across programs and agencies, for example. Resources in this section provide research and examples of:

  • Convening industry and regional partners and stakeholders to advance common goals.
  • Aligning performance measures, investments, policies, even operations – customer contact and outcome reporting, for example – across workforce programs and partner programs, such as education and economic development.
  • Leveraging program resources and services to maximize the impact of all resources invested in common workforce outcomes.
  • Building the capacity of all partners in the system to deliver excellent workforce services that meet the needs of their communities.

Many Workforce Boards have embraced the role of system building. They are increasingly working across programs and agencies to improve programs and services and meet community needs in efficient, effective, and sustainable ways. We have included a range of tools and resources to help WIBs build their own capacity to fulfill this role and that of their partner agencies and stakeholders.

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Workforce Boards as System Champions – Webinar Series
In this webinar series, state and local WIB chairs, members, and staff explore the role that workforce boards can play as leaders in regional sector strategies and in convening community leaders to respond to workforce, business, and education issues. The first webinar in the series highlights key features of sector strategies; the second focuses on convening. Both webinars feature peer experts and interactivity. Developed by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training (ETA) and Social Policy Research Associates (SPR). [Webinars, 2013]
Assessment Tool for Workforce Boards
This assessment tool helps boards measure their progress, better understand the wants and needs of its members and identify areas that need attention. It gives the board leadership information regarding capacity building strategies that may need to be provided to ensure the board is functioning as smoothly as possible and carrying out its mission. The survey also helps strengthen the partnership that exists within the board, and between the board and its stakeholders. Developed by National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB) and Linda Woloshansky of Workforce Innovations, Inc. [Assessment Tool, 2001]